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I beg you Father, I claim that my boyfriend will come back to me; In Jesus name, I believe that you will help me because you are a merciful and loving God. please God i beg of You that Tjaart leaves the new woman in his life and return to me. Please i beg you to get her back because i love her so much. Lord you graciously lead me to my love, and I pray that through your forgiveness and unending love you will lead me back to it again, with the lessons and knowledge that only you can provide.

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Bless me to fix my issues and if I get that prayer request granted, and he comes back to me, I can be better than I ever was. Amen I acted out of rage after a phone call took it out on him...i lost everything.

It has been so many years and still I carry within me the hope and fervor that he will re- enter my life.

Our time together was cut short by my cancer 11 years ago. Please s Aint Raphael, bless my heart and his so that when we meet again the spark rekindles the flame that we once knew.

I haven't been doing my best in praying lately, but I will start that again.

I ask that our Heavenly Father sees my prayer, and blesses me with him back in my life someday.

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