High school musical dating game terrence j and roxi dating

Bachelorette number two smiled and turned to look at Gabriella giving her a look that meant she thought she had the winning answer to this question.Gabriella sighed and looked at her friends in the front row.(I've already done with one of the comments on my last author's note.) Thank you.

Chad and the basketball team were sitting at the front row and the cheerleaders were directly behind them, flirting like there was no tomorrow.Gabriella's eyes widened, knowing that she could be Troy's potential date."I'll just be myself. The girl smiled as she twirled a piece of her blonde hair around her finger."Tanning." She answered. He then asked Gabriella her first question."Okay, bachelorette number three, first question…He won't pick me." Gabriella thought as she looked into the crowd, spotting Taylor smiling in excitement."Bachelorette number one…" Troy started. Troy furrowed his brow and spoke into his microphone."What if it's cold outside? She giggled and answered him."There are many ways." She said, making Gabriella roll her eyes in disgust."Okay, then. If I challenged you to a running race do you think you could bet me? As most of you know, if you have read the previous author's note, I will not be returning to writing Fanfiction on here anymore. I will be changing the characters, place and team but not the overall plot. Ok you will also notice that at the end of the previous note, I added that I will not delete any of the stories on here UNLESS I decide to pursue one of them as a novel. I have decided that I want to pursue Love in the Game to a future novel.

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