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Most books approach character development using a winnowing process involving general categorization and list-making.But, not much in the way of a truly in-depth synthesis of the collage of “facts” in the character’s biography. It doesn’t layer physical descriptions onto archetypal outlines, then color in the flaws and motivation to make that thumbnail sketch more personal.Rachel Coker is a homeschool student who lives in Virginia with her parents and two sisters.She has a passion for great books and has been surrounded by them all her life.Often, I walk around the house responding to common chores as they would, and see where it leads. Because you're not understanding the character enough, your story doesn't seem dynamic enough, maybe even believable. Whatever the reason, you tired of the work; so do your characters. Take my two protagonists (prots), Sven and Darlana.

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When I was first thinking about the plot for my book, , Allie’s character was constantly running through my mind. While this kind of character development may be a little anal on my part, I do know that it is a huge part of being a writer. Therefore it’s important for you to understand them. But once you push past the exterior and really take a look inside, you realize that they are a lot deeper than you may have thought. Every little thing that they have gone through has shaped them into who they are today and prepared them for the trials they are facing right now.

That’s why we writers must go to extremes to develop our characters. This may sound really weird to those of you who have never written fiction before, or who view their characters as a flat, two-dimensional object. Think about habits you’ve already given them, and consider where those habits may lead. They have a story to tell, a story that you have to record. And pushing through, no matter how difficult it may seem, to uncover their story and telling it the best you can.

Every person and every character trait has a reason, a function. She wore her toughness like a blister, hiding the soft skin underneath.

Every little detail is necessary to keep the piece together. Instantly, I knew exactly how her reactions to certain circumstances and plot twists would be. They’re not just something you draw out of a figment of your imagination. They behave in ways that you don’t, and do things you’d never dream about.

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