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The amount due is 1/2% percent of that for buildings, or 1/8% percent of that for land.

Long fought-for and often-stolen land can be in a continued state of reacquisition by Chamorros.

Favors and reciprocity are as good as currency in some settings.

is a local term for a person that is connected in such a way that they deserve preferential treatment.

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According to the Department of Revenue & Taxation, Guam real property taxes are 70% of the property’s appraised value.It also refers to a certain value that is placed on a favor so that it is required to be paid back. Funerals are a huge deal on Guam and throughout Micronesia.Among Catholics, and even not-so-religious people, there is an eight-day rosary during which family members gather.Family-owned land on Guam is extremely common, with extended families staying together in pockets around the island.Multi-family homes are common, as are multi-home lots.

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