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On paper [they were perfect] -- they were older, they were well-traveled and they were very compatible.There's some teams there that are never going to be relationships.The island doesn't boast lots of beaches (none to speak of) or tourist traps; what is does have is the perfect conditions for scuba diving, Keoghan has found.

"The idea is that you never finish the list, and the list is pliable, and you are constantly adding and subtracting," he said.The TV host spent eight of his formative years on these Caribbean islands."To grow up and watch your parents connect with poor farmers or my mother, who would offer music lessons to struggling reggae artists.She was able to teach them music, and they would come to our house. So I learned about connecting with people from all walks of life."Visitors can a expect a tough hike along the coastline to reach the pristine New Chums Beach.Keoghan has worked alongside other conservation-minded New Zealanders to preserve the unspoiled area, where developers want to build housing. Keoghan came across Pagosa Springs, Colorado, a town known for its "healing waters" and natural hot springs, during a cross-country road trip to raise money for multiple sclerosis research and aid.

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