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First came Intel and AMD's bombshell announcement that AMD's Radeon Graphics are worming their way into Intel's eighth-generation H-Series processors.As surprising as that is considering the acrimonious history between the two companies, it was just the start.The Ludwig (2012) Comment on our paper (Fassett et al., 2011) primarily focuses on the U-Pb data treatment used to arrive at the original fossilization dates for our two dinosaur bone samples—specifically, the method we used to correct for the presence of common lead in dinosaur bone.As noted in our Reply (Fassett et al., 2012) to Koenig et al.The fact that the date of 73.6 Ma that we obtained for control bone 22799-D is virtually the same as a single-crystal Ar age of 73.04 Ma obtained for sanidine crystals from a proximal, altered volcanic ash bed (Fassett and Steiner, 1997; Fassett, 2000) at the same stratigraphic level as bone 22799-D further validates our laser-ablation U-Pb dating procedures, and the dates we reported.

So when you think about it from that perspective, it's just an enormous undertaking.

The combination of Pascal and Max Q has really raised the bar, and that's really the essence of it." That was the last of Huang's statements on the matter, though some of his responses to other questions during the call are telling.

Huang prominently repeated the statement that "We are a one architecture company." Huang said the company has a singular focus on one architecture so they can assure broad compatibility with all aspects of the software ecosystem, not to mention assuring support longevity, stating, "We support our software for as long as we shall live." Earlier in the call, Huang also pressed the point that investing in five different architectures dilutes focus and makes it impossible to support them forever, which has long-term implications for customers.

Nvidia held its 3Q 2017 earnings call today, and as expected, the company had a stellar quarter.

Top line numbers include a record .64 billion in revenue, led by a 25% growth in gaming and a whopping 109% Yo Y growth in the data center.

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