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And within her cries, he had always seen the razor gleaming above the neck of their marriage.

That his wife of ten years and two kids would still love him when his plan had been realized, for example.

The crowd was just sketchy enough to keep you on your toes, but the place had a charm that just pulled you in. How many times had he fantasized about walking into the restroom and spreading a rumor among the men there that he was just her driver, and that she was a wealthy widow hunting the city for some anonymous cock? " He rattled off a list of names of places within 15 miles of them. She grunted her assent and started playing with her phone. "I guess that tequila was a lot stronger than we realized," he sighed as he threw the car into park. He could pull into some darker spot behind the buildings and fuck her.

"Oh, God, remember when we used to go dancing on the patio back there? Zero to pissed off and back again in sixty seconds, he thought to himself. But, right as he was about to spin the car around in the middle of the highway, she stopped him. Of course, that would be a challenge, because the back seat was filled with the children's carseats and fucking in the front seat never seemed to work.

I know it has a different tone than many of the others on the site; but I see no reason that these stories cannot be written without a strong narrative voice and some more classic elements of "real literature" even if their topic is smut. ***** The lies that he told himself were mostly anchored in truth.

That he was sober enough to be having this level of discourse with himself while driving her aimlessly about the suburban hell into which their middle-aged marriage had thrust them, within which they now slowly bobbed like flies caught in the outermost strands of an insidious web. It had been twenty years since he had received so much as a traffic ticket, yet the spectre of a looming cop hung behind the gently swaying tree-shaped air freshener whose pungency was just enough to cover the smell of his supposedly secret smoking habit. His eyes still scanned the receding horizon behind them. " Suddenly, like a dam bursting on a clear spring morning, she began to sob. " For, like most husbands whose wives are fiendishly more attractive than they are, our man lived with his balls in the eternal vice of her threats to leave him.

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