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- Do not distribute my pack or textures and/or claim them as your own. ambient occlusion is the reason why the blocks become dark even with optifine and custom colors on.

- Feel free to use in-game (loading the pack through the minecraft client), remix and/or edit my textures for your own personal use. It alters the models directly to have a hole rather than just transparent texture. To get the nightvision effect, use optifine, make sure that custom colors is turned on and turn off smooth lighting.

Another right click with the knife opens the animal. Make multiple wool in a crafting table to create cloth(dyable, yay! Use cloth on animal to clean it, cloth turns into dirty cloth (can be cleaned by right clicking water source block).

I added in ores and mineral blocks, including spawners, for all you dirty cheaters.

It also contains a nightvision effect, maxed lightmap (needs optifine or mcpatcher to get the nightvision).

If you don't have it rotating it will burn, you can also skin your animal on a hook first then take it off and put it on a spit to cook it faster than animals that still have skin. And the visuals are ofcourse awesome, it's just amazing looking having something like that in your home. Because I'd say only 1 Cow/Pig and up to 4 Chickens per stack, for added realism. Getting ice blocks is quite hard, so that would counteract it a bit.

You can also kill zombies and hang them on meat hooks. I agree there should be ways to preserve the meat that don't require ice blocks. ~ Perhaps add Halite ore (which drops Salt), embedded in the Sand on beaches and in Oceans, that you can rub into the meat, to, again, preserve it.

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