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After checking for a few seconds, as expected, there was no pulse.

Further I checked for the second sign, the pupil, even they didn’t respond to the flash of light and were permanently dilated. On seeing his father lying on the stretcher, he started crying like a small child and then suddenly turned to me “What has happened to him doctor ?

I had joined here because I had to support my family, and also partly because it was getting difficult for me to crack the post-graduate course entrance exams.

It was 8.45 in the clock, the commotion of early morning had all but subsided, leaving the nurses free for gossiping about it for the rest of the day. I had to get ready for the morning OPD which usually started at -10 am, though sometimes after am.

” She took my hint and quietly disappeared into the examination room.

Getting back to some serious work, I walked to the corpse who had been moved onto a stretcher by now. The numerous wrinkles that ran into each other on his pale face suggested the same. I moved to feel for the absence of pulse over his wrist, but when I recollected the person’s dirty narration, and also for the fact that I wasn’t wearing any gloves, I moved my fingers to his neck.

This person had brought in the dead body, dragging it all the way on a blue tarpaulin sheet.

My simple question to him was, where had he found the corpse?

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It was amazing how much strength this frail old woman had.There were no injury marks on his body, nor there were any obvious signs of poisoning, it was almost safe to say that it had been a natural death. ” Now came the difficult job for me, but I had to do it. You do something, doctor, please….” The only thing I could really do at that moment was issuing a death certificate, but I kept mum.While examining the body, I asked “So, then you brought him directly here…by the way, do you know him? I have informed his son, he is coming here.” And the very next moment, a huge looking guy dashed into the examination room with other three smaller fellows trundling behind him. Somehow I gathered some courage and trying to hide my fear, kept a hand on his shoulder and carefully weighing my tone, I said “He …dead.” Expectedly, all hell had broken loose “What!!! Angering the villagers was not good for the health of the hospital.Such was the start of my day, in the Primary Health Centre, Katoriya village in the Banka district of Bihar.Banka district has been famous for its people, their braveness, and that is probably the reason I encounter many injured patients every other day.

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