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The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has now confirmed it will be stopping proceedings against him.In a statement Michael slammed the Church’s ‘appalling’ handling of his case, accusing it of telling lies, ignoring and discrediting sexual abuse victims and being immoral.Their handling of the allegations of sexual abuse has been quite simply appalling, as it has been and continues to be for so many victims of sexual abuse.” He claimed he “disclosed” his account to Bishop Peter Burrows of Doncaster, Bishop Steven Croft (then of Sheffield, now of Oxford), Bishop Martyn Snow (then Archdeacon of Rotherham and Sheffield, now Bishop of Leicester), Bishop Glyn Webster of Beverley and Archbishop John Sentamu of York.

But while so-called “Jeramania” swept Glastonbury, the same could not be said of Mr Cameron’s appearance at Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire this weekend.

Ms Price, a Labour councillor who has previously campaigned against Mr Cameron's policies in his nearby former constituency Witney, has since explained she had no idea Mr Cameron was in the crowd until they had taken the selfie.

Wilderness festival in Cornbury Park – a stone’s throw from the Camerons’ Oxfordshire home – has garnered a reputation for being one of the poshest, if not the poshest, music events in the UK.

This is a very difficult time.” And he added: “Naturally, I just wanted Mr Devamanikkam to be accountable and thereby give me some peace.

“Regarding The Church of England, I have nothing but criticism.

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