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I’m going to get other people to monitor my social media for a couple of weeks because one thing that has been tempering my excitement has been the reaction due to trolls – are people going to judge me before they get to know me?

That’s one thing that’s taken the edge off of my excitement and positivity.

I think I was quite lucky as I’ve been on quite a few game shows in the past and know that no matter how nervous you’re feeling before-hand, once you’re out there it’s a different world and you can just switch off.

A ‘zone’ is what performers would call it.‘I’m going to be the opposite of Anne.

I do it every day but I’m a professional.‘The name (The Vixen) was picked with a couple of things in mind.

Firstly, because I have long red hair which is put into a ponytail so it’s like a fox’s brush and secondly because I’ve always had a love of animals too and this one gives me free reign to be a bit predatory and a bit flirty so it allows me to be a bit wild if I need to be.’Jenny: I’ve had a couple of cheeky contestants, yes!

The hugely popular teatime quiz hit is in the midst of its annual hiatus from our screens, leaving desperate viewers resorting to repeats of Pointless for their quiz show fix.If they were going to add another woman, she said she’d like for it to be someone she knew.There was a six month recruitment process, I was in the running with a few others and we were assessed to see who, if any, would be a fit.That’s how I work and learn as well as I’m always researching and reading new information. We do covers of pop and rock songs and some new age and punk stuff and its really good fun. I received a compelling email from a senior in high school and I would love to get your help answering it.

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