Dating a bisexual woman Mobile cyber public sex chat room

I understand being bisexual is the ABILITY to fall in love and be sexually attracted to both man and woman. So why is she still so adamant about identifying as bi? So here are my questions easily stepped out for answering. It's like, "you love me as much as something your denying yourself for the rest of your life because...." doesn't make me feel loved. Why would they want to be with me and give up being single and being with a bunch of girls? But why does her VERY STRONG bisexual identity still not make sense to me!?!?!? I understand that she has fallen in love with ME and ONLY me. So how can a woman still so strongly identify as bi, but then so powerfully love me at the same time? For all of the questions you asked, I think a lot of girls ask about their boyfriends.So be careful in selecting the bisexual dating website ( and once you do that it will be much easier. Im tired of the endless arguments and her crying thinking I don't love her or thinking I don't accept who she is. Just relax and be a little more confident in yourself. If you keep digging you could easily end up spoiling things for yourself... I often tell people that gender to me is like eye color - I love the person, not the parts - and if I am dating someone with brown eyes, I don't 'long' for someone with blue eyes - just as I don't long for a man when dating a woman, or long for a woman when dating a man!

I have had the hardest time coming to terms with that and it sucks because I love her so darn much! Before hand I would like to give a bit of her background. Was practically ruined by it and the man who brought it into her life. But if I loved men and women with the passion she does, how can she in her right mind give them both up!? Im sure that she could have thought that about you at some point. And most people who choose to be in a relationship aren't thinking that way. My advice is to accept and don't attempt to rationalise!

I'm scared every time the topic comes up I'm pushing her away. It is entirely possible to be monogamous AND bisexual!

It's kind of hot that she checks out a fantastically beautiful woman JUST LIKE I DO! I would assume that you believe it is entirely possible to be monogamous AND heterosexual?

You need to have more confidence, and think you are the hottest thing around, and that she is also lucky to have you.

You almost obsess over your significant others thoughts, and convince yourself what you think they think, is what they really think.

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