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Here’s how to do this: Things should now be back to normal and Safari should no longer throw the “can’t verify identity” error when visiting websites.

Repairing the keychain is a common troubleshooting technique when various login details and account specifics are not being remembered properly in a variety of Mac apps or system tasks, even including wi-fi routers and persistent wi-fi network login requests, and it usually the resolves such problems.

If multiple clients are unable to connect, follow instructions in our wireless network troubleshooting tip to debug probably AP or router or upstream network problems.

Please note the following: To determine which 802.11 standards your wireless network’s AP or router supports, look for “Wi-Fi certified” logos, or search for Wi-Fi certified products at the Wi-Fi Alliance website.

In general, newer APs and routers are required to provide backward compatibility with older generations of Wi-Fi, but data rate settings must still match.

Once your Android Wi-Fi client has a valid IP address, use Ping to verify network connectivity.

Most Android devices do not include a user-accessible ping app, but you can still verify network connectivity as follows.

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