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At Bathwick you pass the lovely Sydney Gardens which are worth a slight deviation from the canal to explore.

The gardens are the only remaining eighteenth-century pleasure gardens in England.

The final section takes you from the castle to Bathwick Hill and the finish point.

It's a splendid walk with varied scenery and consistently wonderful views over Bath towards the Mendip Hills.

There's lots of good options for extending your walking around the canal.

At Bathampton you can pick up the tremendous Bath Skyline Walk where you can enjoy fabulous views over the city.

The path continues to the village of Bathampton where you can take a small detour to visit the Toll Bridge over the River Avon.

The bridge and toll house are both Grade II listed.

The walk has been devised by the National Trust so takes place on waymarked, well maintained footpaths.The route then heads to Limpley Stoke and Freshford, passing Conkwell Wood on the way.The final section takes you into Wiltshire where you will pass the impressive Avoncliff Viaduct and Barton Farm Country Park before finishing in Bradford Upon Avon. It includes historic buildings, craft shops and tea rooms while the farmhouse, granary and tithe barn of the original Barton Farm date back to the 14th century.At Little Badminton you will pass the pretty Dovecote before heading into the surrounding countryside.You'll pass along the woodland of the Seven Mile Plantation before returning to Great Badminton via a countryside bridleway and a short woodland section.

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