Etiquette dating chinese woman older women dating younger men in kenya

The dynamics of dating and courtship with a Chinese woman are more formal with casual or serial dating being virtually unheard of in traditional Chinese culture.

Clearly, misunderstandings and some miscommunications are going to arise in the early days but an application of good common sense and pragmatism usually can help prevent or solve any major issue which may arise.It includes important aspects like age, education, earning potential and ability to provide for both her and her family as well as personality and temperament characteristics gauged through her initial feelings.Often a ‘pre-screening’ dinner with mutual friends will steer the conversation towards topics that invite inconspicuous investigation of the potential spouse.She’ll almost certainly become more confident in her English language ability and you’ll be surprised how quickly, and how well, Chinese girls can argue or scold you in English—if the need arises of course; the trick, though, is not to give her the reason to do this!Your Chinese girl will also become more openly loving; maybe often holding your hand, touching your arm, maybe resting her head in the area between your head and shoulder and so on.

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