Stop being the nice guy dating

How many times have you heard a guy whine about how he’s “so nice,” before he goes off into a long rant about everything that is wrong with the female population these days?It has become so common, that now, whenever I hear a guy stress how “nice” he is, alarms go off in my head. This guy is actually just a self-involved, whiney tool who thinks he deserves sex and love simply because he’s “nice.” In other words, he’s a jerk.These guys feel that just because they're nice to a female friend and because they have feelings for her, she should have them back. When guys complain about how they're in the "friend zone," what they're really doing is whining about how the girl they like doesn't like them back...and acting like she should, just because they want her to.

Any guy who is like this is a jerk, and trust me, you don't want to date him.

But you’ll probably ignore him too.” I was so disgusted and furious that I immediately unfriended him, because I don’t need that kind of person in any aspect of my life.

How many times have you seen a status like that one?

Being in a relationship isn't about controlling someone, and anyone who thinks that is immature and not ready for one. We've all felt so heartbroken and angry that the only thing we can do is tear that person down to try to feel better. But as you grow and mature, you should start to realize that you can't be angry at your ex forever, and that sometimes, things just weren't meant to work out, and it's probably for the better.

A mature, true nice guy knows that it's not appropriate to immediately talk badly about their ex to the girl they're interested in. A jerk will tell you everything that's wrong with his ex until you're "convinced" that he was the victim in their relationship. A "nice" guy who is actually a jerk will never stop reminding you of how nice he is.

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