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While we don't know the exact reason why 50 Cent was so critical of the film, he has been one of the most outspoken detractors of the film, and has stood by his one word critique of the film.Despite all the negative criticism of the film, it’s worth noting that Demetrius Shipp Jr.It just really looks like she has basis for a huge lawsuit to put all of the plastic surgeons in the world out of business or whichever bus company she had that head on collision with because that grill piece is looking worse than a chitlin sandwich to a vegetarian.And we actually like her as an actress but baby just try and buy your old face back that’s all maybe you can get a discount before they sell it to someone else we’re sure you still own the rights to is.The two bonded quickly, and they remained close friends throughout Tupac’s rise to fame.As a person who was by Tupac’s side during the events depicted in All Eyez on Me, Pinkett Smith was very critical of how her relationship with Tupac was depicted, and she took to social media to air her grievances.But, as I said, I have no regrets whatsoever.” Sam also defended his kiss with Vito Cammisano when he was drafted: “I came out for a reason.I came out because I didn’t want to hide anything about my life anymore…it’s a historic moment and I want everyone to see that historic moment…If someone who is straight comes on and kiss their girlfriend, why can’t I do the same? [sic]” Thank you @jussiesmollett #lusciouslyon and @empirefox for having me on set today.

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#Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac Shakur met in the '80s when they were teenagers attending Baltimore School for the Arts in Maryland.The top anticipated coming soon English Hollywood movies in 2018 for which we have waited for so long and eagerly waiting to see!Many long-awaited superhero films, sequel, and many more, making our list the most anticipated films of 2018 along with their released date.Unlike Pinkett Smith's very specific critique of All Eyez On Me, 50 Cent’s criticism of the film was broad, and very harsh.Taking to Instagram after viewing the film, #50Cent savaged All Eyez On Me in the caption of his post:50 Cent’s words were not taken lightly by fans of the Tupac Shakur biopic, and the comments section of his Instagram posts quickly filled with insults aimed at 50 Cent and his movie career – specifically his involvement with Get Rich or Die Trying.

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