Sharepoint user validating

We set several requirements that we had to achieve.

At the end of part 6 we were working on validation of dates.

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EXE C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\ONENOTEM. EXE However, having looked at it, most of the other icons can be found in the other dlls and exes already.

[Note: It appears that Share Point magazine has bitten the dust and with it went my old series on the “tribute to the humble leave form”.

I am still getting requests to a) finish it and b) republish it. If you have not seen this before, bear in mind it was first published in 2008.]Hi all Welcome to edition 7 of this seemingly never-ending tribute to the humble annual leave (vacation) form.

The alternative is a Share Point solution equivalent to that of Homers BBQ.

This post will deal with some of the mechanics of form submission and form publishing.

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