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Though the team - and our technology - has evolved a long way since Yhaken's launch, the ideas gathered in this prototype represent the initial vision our founder, Phil Hall, had 11 years ago.Windows desktop app which accepts typed sentences and responds with typed and spoken replies; remembers information about you (even between sessions) and is able to have on-going conversations in context.The two main programs here are my well-known "chatbots", Billy and Daisy.They are computer programs you can hold a conversation with.

Two judges even gave it a higher score than they gave some human confederates!

Chat Bot stores all data in single csv file (no database needed) and has easy questions/answers admin interface.

ECTOR is an acronym standing for the French Entité Cybernétique Totalement Obligée de Réfléchir (Cybernetic entity totally compelled to think).

The purpose of Elbot is to converse with users about any topic under the sun, rather than a specialized and self-contained set of FAQs as is usually the demand for commercial systems. It was created by Mat Peck and released by his mini software house entitled ' Paranoid Software'.

He was launched on 2001 and became the first natural language dialogue system on the German Internet. It is up to you to decide and it could be either at any given time! The inspiration for it came from a program for the 8-bit MSX home computers called DANI (Dynamic Artificial Non-Intelligence) and the author designed this program using a slightly different linking algorithm. This website shows an example of our Virtual Rep™ an intelligent conversant robot, which represents a company on a web in a human fashion, helps users navigate the site in a dramatically direct way and provides information through a natural dialogue.

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