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Dating can be rather expensive, as even the classic “dinner and a movie” can cost you a lot more than you bargained for in every respect.

To give you a little nudge, we’ve rounded up fifty of the best cheap date ideas to try with your honey.

Date night in: rent a movie, buy popcorn and soda, and snuggle with a blanket. Break out the board games for an indoor game night. Find an outdoor concert with cheap lawn tickets grab your lawn chairs for a fun summer date night.

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Time to make some goals to get healthy and fit, right!? Plus, having this awesome bucket list of healthy date night ideas around makes it easy to brainstorm ideas for date night! It's true that almost every year I think to myself, I wish I would have done more for my health and really hit my goals. This was definitely a man-approved film for movie night! ALL couples need to have an effortless date night when life gets too crazy for planning, but don't just settle for another mindless Netflix binge session where you don't say a word to each other!

The weekend is right around the corner and we thought it was a great opportunity to share this fun weekend-ready post. Take a (temporary) wedding planning break once in awhile to remember why you’re tying the knot in the first place.

(This is nearly free if you have your own equipment; if not, opt for a water gun fight instead.) 20.

(Local church festivals or carnivals are free to get in; just pay for what you’d like to do like play games or eat.) ) duet.

Have a bonfire complete with marshmallows ready for toasting.

It’s a nice way to get fresh air and feel like a kid again.

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