Just started dating what to do for valentines

May you find solace even as you’re wading through the grief and pain that your relationship is over. He fell out of love not because of anything you are, or did, or said…but because of things he may not even be aware of.Heal by accepting the truth: he said he doesn’t love you anymore, and he means it. When a husband or boyfriend says he’s not in love with you, you must accept and surrender to his feelings. One of the most important things to do when he doesn’t love you anymore is to take a step back – though your instinct is to move closer! Figure out who you are your marriage, relationship, kids, and relatives. If you’re struggling with bleakness and despair, read 7 Ways to Deal With Depression After a Breakup.You need to move through the pain before you can start to heal.Experiencing the pain IS healing and it will help you mend your broken heart, even though it hurts so much when a husband or boyfriend says he doesn’t love you anymore.

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Instead of continuing to fight your way through the brambles and dark patches, take my hand. May you learn that accepting what your boyfriend or husband says is true.

So painful, but in the long run my life really was better when he left. And so will you, even now that you know he doesn’t love you anymore. “Let there be spaces in your togetherness,” said Khalil Gibran.

Read through my tips for coping with this type of heartbreak – and know that you are not alone. “And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.” That’s one tip for when he stops loving you: take a step back and let the air flow between you.

You may find yourself thinking about him constantly.

What is he doing, why did he fall out of love with you, where is he now, who is he spending time with?

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