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As discussed in section 4 on the history of circumcision, the Judeo-Muslim practice of circumcision quite likely had its origin in Egyptian civilization.

There is ample evidence of circumcised mummies at the time the Hebrews inhabited Egypt, as well as illustrations of the operation itself and of circumcised Pharoahs, dating back to 3,000 BC [Weiss, 1997].

Urinary tract obstruction and hematuria are common in localities such as the Nile Valley that are inhabited by the blood fluke, Schistosoma haematobium.

The preputial sac would undoubtedly possess the adverse ability of being able to hold water infected with the cercaria stage of the life cycle of this parasite and so facilitate its entry into the body.

Stories of the power of the foreskin, its “magical” use, its “travels” and theft abound [Mattelaer et al., 2007] [

In 1900 the Catholic Church became fed up with the holy foreskin and threatened to excommunicate any who spoke about it [Mattelaer et al., 2007].

It has also been suggested that the Egyptians believed that when a snake shed its skin, and emerged bright and new again, it was undergoing rebirth.

Since they thought by shedding its skin the snake became immortal that humans might do the same by causing the “shedding” of the foreskin.

Infections, initiated by the aggravation of dirt and sand under the foreskin, are not uncommon under such conditions and have even crippled whole armies, where it is difficult to achieve sanitation during prolonged battle.Those cultures that do not circumcise these days are ones that stopped doing it, possibly as a result of privation or adoption of religions that forbid it.Various attitudes can be found in the Christian religion, in which baptism is the pivotal sacrament [Mattelaer et al., 2007].In the Muslim religion circumcision is performed over a wide range of ages in childhood.But a more compelling reason was that circumcision accompanied the radiation of primitive humans out of Africa 80,000 years ago, as outlined in the history section.

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