Dating a man going through divorce

I just didn't see it coming, I really thought he was into me. I am a guy and have never been in his situation, but I can even tell that he is pushing you away prematurely because of his own confusions and inabilities to committ right now...because of his divorce.

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Make sure you dig in and find out all there is to know before entertaining the idea of a relationship. This person was in love with someone else at one point, and now that relationship is over.Honestly, and this is my opinion, he told you these things to push you away so that it will be easier for him. So he is telling you to move afraid of you, women in general, right now and he is afraid of hurting you because of those issues with women. Make sure you have the respect or the distance either one. Until that divorce is FINAL, his commitment is to her...legally, financially, and sometimes emotionally.Don't see it as a cowardly act, but try and see it as something he is trying to do to protect himself. Divorces are foul and can really break a person, man or woman. I have seen him multiple times and we have tried to keep things on a friendship level. Otherwise, do not lie to yourself, it hurts to be "not his official girlie"It's hard not to see him but you really need to accept he is getting cookies and milk and you have to pay the price for that, not him. As someone who is currently involved with a man in the midst of a divorce let me give some advice to those of you who may be contemplating getting into a similar situation... No matter how perfect he is or your relationship is, it is not worth the sacrifices you will inevitably be making for him. WAY OFF..let him get through his divorce ON HIS OWN, get his life in order, and mourn the loss of his marriage and reconcile the fact that he is no longer her husband. TRUST ME, YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS an ugly and emotionally draining experience that will end up ruining the relationship due to resentment, anger, and hostility towards him, his wife, and the entire situation. He's a great man who makes me very happy, but if I had it all to do over again, I would have NEVER GOTTEN INVOLVED before he was through his divorce and the aftermath that follows. We were together for 11 months when he told me he needed space. Had I known that those 11 months together would end like this, I would have never gotten involved with him.Some relationships are dead long before divorce is finalized.It might be a matter of paperwork, money, or just being too preoccupied with other things. It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before you decide on entering a relationship with someone who is still going through a divorce.

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